Refuge, a new CD of original compositions by the George Cotsirilos Quartet will be released on May 20, 2022. Check out the title track here, and more on the music page. Like its predecessor, Mostly In Blue, which Downbeat named as one of the best CD’s of 2018, Refuge features Keith Saunders on piano, Robb Fisher on bass, and Ron Marabuto on drums.

Check out the title track here:

Refuge - George Cotsirilos Quartet
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Four Stars, Downbeat


Performing originals with bluesy connotations and occasional Brazilian inflections along side the standard “I Wish I Knew” and Charlie Parker’s “Crazeology,” the band achieves a like-live, late night ambiance. Cotsirilos favors a warm, pearly tone and long, flowing phrases, which dip into his lowest reaches. Saunders adds lightly percussive chordal accompaniment and takes graceful solos that expand the melodic material......he may feint toward funk, but like Cotsirilos, stays on the sophisticated side of that territory.......personal and a pleasure.

                              —Howard Mandel, Downbeat                                                 

George Cotsirilos Quartet Refuge

​"One of today’s finest jazz guitarists and composers, Cotsirilos has an unerring sense of swing and melody. His solos, while displaying accuracy and technique, are filled with soul. He’s the whole works on the 45 second intro to the standard “I Wish I Knew,” followed by the tune’s memorable melody and fine soloing." 

-John Heidt
Vintage Guitar Magazine